Witch-hunting parents target the Wii Zapper

Better add more to thisThe ECA had better start adding peripherals to the shirt design pictured at left, because unreasonably angry parents are dishing off their own responsibilities to the videogame industry once again. This time they are attacking the Wii Zapper, a peripheral that looks strikingly similar to an AK47.

One angry parent said:

"Great, this is what we need. Children with guns learning how to aim and shoot. Then we can sit back and wonder what is happening to our country with kids killing kids. What’s next? Could we make it squirt blood, too?"

Is it just me, or is that statement ridiculously radical and reactionary?

A "very concerned" grandparent chimed in with:

"Why don’t they enclose an application to the NRA (National Rifle Association) in every box as well? The marketing person who came up with this brain child of an idea should be fired."

Give me a break. Videogames have used controllers that vaguely resemble guns since the very beginning, and somehow watchdog parents have let it slide until now. Hopefully they’ll increase efforts on the rampant use of Nerf guns soon, because all this gratuitous re-creation of serial murder by our nation’s 8-year-olds is getting out of hand.

Parents, if you don’t want your kids to play with "guns," then don’t buy the things. Case closed.


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