Wizard of Oz RPG coming to the DS

dorothyIt’s somewhat amazing that the actual implementation of this idea for an RPG hasn’t come around sooner, but the good news is that it finally has–an RPG based upon the Wizard of Oz. The game is slated for release sometime in winter of 2008 for the DS.

Media Vision, the developers of WildARMS, an RPG that was released a few months before another little RPG made its debut, Final Fantasy VII, will take the helm in producing the game that will be titled, Riz-Zoawd.

Some of the original production members of WildARMS will be on this project such as game designers Tetsuya Ookubo and Nobuo Nakazawa, plus music composer Michiko Naruke.

Riz-Zoawd will be in 3D and will reproduce some of the locations that many Wizard of Oz fans are familiar with. Dorothy will be the main character in the game along with the supporting cast of the Wizard, Tin Man, the Lion, the Scarecrow and Toto too!

A virtual trackball will be displayed on the lower touch screen of the DS and will serve as the mechanism to direct Dorothy’s movements and adjust camera angles. The battle system of Riz-Zoawd will be turn-based and allow up to three party members, along with Dorothy, to engage in the battles.

At the moment the game will be released only in Japan, but we hope that this title will somehow make it to other RPG shores too.

[via rpgfan]


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