Would you believe "Wii 2" in two years?

wii2Still having trouble tracking down that rare and sought after beast called the Wii? Well, one analyst thinks that the Wii, as we know it today, may go through a dramatic change.

The reason? Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan believes that in as little as two years, we’ll be seeing the next version from Nintendo…the Wii II.

Pachter said, "I can’t begin to imagine what is on the drawing board for the Wii, but I can say that most developers I’ve spoken with are extremely excited about the potential for the console… I believe that we’ve only just scratched the surface."

He went on to say he had expectations that the Wii will go through a major makeover in a short time. "It’s easy to envision a Wii 2 in a couple of years that runs at full HD, and has both a Wii-mote and an analog controller, so that all games can be ported to it. If Nintendo were to introduce such a device, it would be fully comparable to the Xbox 360."

The Wii has often been criticized as GameCube 1.5 — with little innovation apart from the new motion sensing controllers.

However, the Wii remains an extremely popular consumer item and the possibility of an enhanced Wii on steroids may pull in that segment of the gaming community that has remained somewhat unmoved by the Wii — the hardcore gamers.

[via gameindustry]


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