Xbox 360 fans still loyal despite hardware failures

360xboxLike a pair of old shoes you can’t ever throw away, Microsoft enthusiasts are standing by their favorite company in lieu of all the persistent problems with Xbox 360 hardware failures.

The New York Times did a feature on the ever-so-acknowledged problems with the console; Stephano Nevarez, a 15-year-old high school student, has sent back his Xbox 360 three times for repair.

Despite having to wait weeks for the console to be fixec and the asking the question, "Why is my 360 always frizzing up?" Nevarez still holds praise and persistence for the console and to Microsoft; especially for its upcoming games. One game in particular, Halo 3, may hold the key for the 360’s salvation.

Michael White, a 27-year-old high school teacher, had his Xbox 360 repaired in April but had no problems waiting the weeks for the console to be polished up again, "You expect somebody’s expensive product to be more durable than that. [But] I’m a happy customer."

There’s little doubt that the Microsoft faithfuls will continue sticking with their company, but how many broken 360’s does it take to finally make them crack? Or is the wait purely worth it just for Halo 3?


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