Xbox 360 HD DVD gets one last upgrade

HD DVDIt’s no secret that HD DVD is dead. The consumers choose Blu-ray and Sony is going to be (maybe) rolling in the dough.

Those who bought an HD DVD have found themselves on the wrong end of a format war and are a perfect example of how dangerous supporting an unproven format can be. Luckily though, some of the HD DVD consumers bought their add-on for the Xbox 360.

While it still carried a steep price, no Xbox 360 was negated when Blu Ray won. Better still is that small morsels of hardware support are trickling out for Microsoft’s now dead add-on. While in some way insignificant, Microsoft is releasing one last update for the fans who are going to be left in the dust. Some may praise Microsoft for doing this, but this update could have been planned months in advance before Blu Ray was declared the winner.

Why waste the hard work of Microsoft employees? The update just fixes the compatibility with some titles and also gives some more support to network features.

Too little, too late?

[Via Xbox Family]


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