Xbox 360 making a motion sensor controller

xbox360Unless you live on the far ends of the Earth, you know that the Nintendo Wii has proven itself a successful console because of its innovative and unique motion sensoring system.

Even though the Wii doesn’t have an overflowing library of great games yet, what makes playing the Nintendo Wii fun for many people is the intuitive Wii Remote.

We reported a few weeks back that Sony was looking into creating a similar motion sensor control for the PS3. So what is stopping Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in doing the same thing?

What once was considered pure rumors, is confirming that there is indeed a Wii-mote equivalent coming out for the Xbox 360. Microsoft is calling the project "Newton". With more and more Family Orientated disc-based games hitting the 360, as well as the huge array on XBLA, a need for something simple like this just might be what Microsoft needs.

With such ideas floating around the development teams of Sony and Microsoft, game limitations seems to make itself more present than what can really be accomplished.

Since both the PS3 and 360 already have large libraries of games that use their default controllers, what will this new motion sensor controller really be used for? Specific games limited only to the use of the new controllers? Can it be compatible with past and future games? Or is this the true definition of a "gimmick" that the two companies want a little piece of?


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