Xbox 360 Mod Chip – Fake or Fact?

Stories circulating around the world about a Xbox 360 mod chip, soon to be available, may be a hoax. Oh, really? The site claimed to have a 360 mod that would enable the purchaser to do rips and dumps of Xbox 360 software. You make your educated guess as to what this could possibly mean (Wink, wink). If the reports are true, it will be happy, happy for hackers and sad, sad for Microsoft. According to a statement directly taken from the I.C.E Mod chip website, they refuted the recent news of the chip being vaporware and stated that, Regarding our chip as a ~fake™, Firstly, if you believe this then leave, secondly this chip will be released, and will hit the market shortly, to all the non believers. As for pre-orders, we are only gathering lists at this time for initial stock release, we are NOT accepting payment of any sort, please do not send us any money at this time, contact your retailers listed above. Thanks!(Good news for all of us non-believers. We get a free chip, right? Or maybe we read that sentence all wrong.) Doubts surrounding the authenticity of the existence of the ICE mod-chip are due to the initial photos that were released on the chip. Industry watchers have claimed that the picture of the device is of a generation of microcontroller so slow that it could not possibly be used for the speeds at which the Xbox 360 runs. Team ICE explained the discrepancy on their website by stating, Chip delayed due to security issues, which is being fixed shortly. Retailer list is growing apply now to be listed quickly! Previous pictures that were posted was due to a falling out between the team webmaster, and the team lead. Those pictures are confirmed fake, and not a prototype whatsoever, please delete them. The final version will have nothing to do with those pictures whatsoever, and will be composed of an actel (sic) chip placed on a pcb board. The site also added that, Testing has been completed by our affilate (sic) ! The I.C.E. Chip v1 is confirmed working with xbox 360 NTSC Units, at this time. PAL is currently under testing but should have no issues. Samples can be provided apon (sic) release date of the chip for bulk orders only, and are limited. Stay Tuned for updates! Is the Xbox 360 mod chip real or fake? We don™t know either, but hold on to your $70 until the reports of the mod are completely confirmed or debunked.


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