Xbox 360 price cut rumors. Tired of them yet?

clear360Hey! Interested in getting another 50 dollars off of the Xbox 360? Wait till August. At least thats what the latest bout of rumors say. Is it just me or is the constant slew of hopeful price-cut rumors getting really old? Lets backtrack a little shall we?

PS3: 20 Gig, 40 Gig, 60 Gig, forthcoming 80 gig… Sony claimed that there was no price cuts, the 20 gig disappeared and then the 40 gig and 60 gigs did receive price cuts in several areas and not in others. The amount of the price cuts varied in rumors from 50 to 150 dollars off, and now there is mention that it’s simply to sell off old stock and the 60 gig is becoming the new 40 gig… Confused yet? Me too.

The same thing is happening with the 360 with rumors ranging from 50 dollars (today’s latest rumor) to 150 dollars in some extreme cases. What does it all add up to? Absolutely nothing.

Yes get over it, some of these items may become cheaper, some by small to medium margins, some in a month and some in a year. WHO CARES?! If you’ve saved up enough money to be 50 dollars or 100 dollars short of buying an Xbox 360 then by the time these supposed drops in price happen you could have saved up triple the difference.

If you’re enough of a gamer to need/want an Xbox 360 or a PS3 then just go get it, stop buying into the wildy speculative and generally untrue price cuts that are coming. And for those little gossip-mongers who keep pulling these magic numbers out of their hats, please stop, do some research and give us something confirmed. I know, even if it is found carved into stone on the side of a mountain by the god of video games, Sony STILL might deny it. But the random hopeful guesses need to stop.

Go get a console (or don’t) and to hell with the rumors.


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