Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 Round 3,165

Xbox 360 and Playstation 3Everyone loves to compare the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in any way possible. Whether it is games, graphics, online, controllers, or developers, there are devoted fans on either side of the fence. New gaming blog Real Deal Gaming decided to take a different route by pitting both consoles against each other based on their recent price drop. The comparison is interesting.






"Sony PlayStation 3
80GB = $599.82
Extra Controller = $49.82
1 Game = $59.82
Xtreme HD HDMI = $19.94
Blu-ray Remote = $24.92
Blutooth Headset(Philips Vox120) = $18.88
PS3 Total = $773.20

Microsoft Xbox 360
Elite 120GB = $449.82
Extra Controller = $37.82
HD DVD Add-on = $179.82
1 Game = $59.82
WiFi = $88.82
Wireless Headset = $59.82
360 Total = $875.92"

Seems the PlayStation 3 despite being perceived as the more expensive console is cheaper in the long run for those looking for the ultimate HD movie and gaming experience. Of course this is just one comparison, and not everyone who purchases either console is going to buy all the extras listed above. Also if someone has the type of money to purchase these complete packages, an extra hundred dollars or so is not going to make much difference to them.

Will this make the PlayStation 3 become perceived as the cheaper of the two? Not likely. The typical consumer doesn’t think past the initial price of the console itself. To them the PlayStation 3 will always be alleged as more expensive.

Don’t over-analyze the above results. They are just one person’s comparison on two systems who both give amazing gaming experiences. Buy the console you want and enjoy it.


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