Xbox Live gets a timeout

LIVEBefore I break this news to all of the loyal Xbox Live enthusiasts out there, I would like to remind you that there are, in fact, two other home consoles, two handhelds, and a PC out there that you can play videogames on, not to mention an offline component to the Xbox 360, and of course the systems of generations past. Beyond that, you might find time to enjoy a brisk walk, go on an early morning gardening adventure, or even herd some sheep.

What is it that I speak of? Well, on September 10th, Xbox Live will be unavailable for approximately four hours, beginning at 2:01 PDT. That’s 5am for us east-coasters, and 9am GMT.

It seems that the service will be undergoing a lengthy period of maintenance, but should be back up just in time for…sunrise?

Gamernode’s own Andy Groen had this to say regarding the matter:

You can bet your barnacles it’s got something to do with the release of Halo 3, and the inescapable doom it will visit on Xbox Live’s servers.

They’re probably running about battening down the hatches, filling in the cracks, and reinforcing the battlements.

Nobody can prepare themselves, or any number of ultra powerful servers to cope with millions of people trying to play a game at the same time...Just don’t get pissed when things get a little quirky. It’s a little bit impossible to avoid.

-By Eddie Inzauto and Andy Groen


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