Xbox360 Motion Capture Technology

This week, Microsoft was granted a patent for their new motion sensor technology by the US Patent Office. The technology is capable of tracking 3D motion using multiple sensors, allowing it to track depth in a more effective way than previously possible, such as tracking a person™s movements or walking patterns throughout the entire room. There was no mention as to what this device was to be used for, but many suspect that this could be an add-on for the Xbox360. It seems like Sony and Microsoft are trying to take Nintendo™s Revolution right out of the game. Rumors ran wild a few weeks ago about a Revolution-style controller for the PS2. Now, Microsoft is bringing in new technology that™s fundamentally similar to Nintendo™s Revolution-ary new idea, while Sony already has it™s own Revolution-style controller in the works. Additionally, Microsoft has already confirmed a new camera to add video conferencing, video mail, and even motion-based gameplay similar to what the Eyetoy offers. Whether or not this new motion sensor technology is for the Xbox360, the fact remains that both Sony and Microsoft are bringing in new technology that™s surprisingly similar to the Revolution™s key marketing platform. If both companies can get their new technology off the ground, they could seriously impact Revolution sales. I sure hope Nintendo has a contingency plan.


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