XDE DVD promises near HD at a nice price

xdeToshiba, the supporter (and loser) of the HD DVD format is coming back with another "hi-def" DVD system they hope will tickle the fancies of standard DVD player users. It’s called XDE (extended detail enhancement.)

It won’t be as hi-def as Blu-ray but it won’t cost as much either. Toshiba says their new XD-E500 DVD player will be priced at only $150 and will offer resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In comparison, a standard display for standard TV is 640 x 480.

Toshiba is banking on the fact that many people have not jumped onto the Blu-ray wagon due to its higher pricing buy may try a new technology that promises to upscale their existing standard DVD libraries to near HD quality.

Louis Masses, director of product planning at Toshiba said:

"Consumers have embraced the DVD format like no other technology and invested in large libraries of their favorite movies. As the market moves towards high definition, XDE lets them experience their existing DVD library and the tens of thousands of DVD titles in a whole new way.

XDE offers consumers a simple solution to add on to their HDTV purchase. XDE works with existing DVDs to deliver a near HD experience with enhanced detail and richer colors. Toshiba is delivering to consumers what they want – a high quality experience at an affordable price."

Will XDE excel where HD DVD failed? Considering that the entry level price for the XDE technology is only $150, this just might be the price button that will get consumers to bite.

The official Toshiba website says:

* Sharp Mode offers improved detail enhancement that is one step closer to high definition. Edges are sharper and details in movies are more visible. Unlike traditional sharpness control, XDE technology analyzes the entire picture and adds edge enhancement precisely where it’s needed.

* Color Mode makes the colors of nature stand out with improved richness. Blues and greens are more vivid and lifelike. Color Mode combines the improvement in color with the detail enhancement of Sharp Mode and is ideal for outdoor scenes.

* Contrast Mode is designed to make darker scenes or foregrounds more clearly visible without the typical "washing out" that can occur with traditional contrast adjustment. Recommended for dark scenes where detail may be difficult to notice, Contrast Mode is also combined with Sharp Mode to provide a clearer viewing experience.

Microsoft, who also backed HD DVD, has never really committed to the idea of having an onboard hi-def DVD player for its game console because of cost issues. However, with the new XDE format, perhaps it will reconsider.

[via Toshiba]


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