XP remains king according to Valve hardware survey

steamlogoValve’s ongoing hardware survey on Steam received an update today and they netted some interesting results. With over 1 million unique samples, the survey gives a neat insight on the number of different hardware setups used around the world.

On Steam, Windows XP remains king with 82.32% of Steam users (969,021) using the operating system; only 13.70% of Steam users (161,286) are experiencing Windows Vista. I’m staying loyal with XP till a pending hardware upgrade.

For video cards, NVIDIA remains the top dog with close to half of all Steam users (49.50% or 582,742) using their cards. Since I’m using an ATI Radeon x1600, I join the 28.31% of Steam users (333,268) who have stayed with ATI. Speaking about the Raedon x1600, 1.88% of Steam users (22,118) use that card. The most popular identifed card used by Steam users is the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 with 9.37% of Steam users (110,333) using that powerhouse.

In the world of bleeding edge technology, only 8.66% of Steam users have a graphics card that can utilize DirectX 10 with Vista. Out of that 8.66%, only 4% of Steam users (47,122) use a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 while 0.24% of Steam users (2,854) use an ATI Radeon HD 2600. Since I still have XP, you can count me out.

As for processors, Intel stays on top with 57.50% of Steam users (676,857) using their CPUs. AMD retains 42.50% of Steam users (500,254). Don’t worry AMD, I’m supporting you with my AMD Sempron 3000+.

The primary display resolution used by Steam users is 1280 x 960 with 39.82% of PCs (468,698) having their monitors set on that display mode. Coming in second is 1024 x 768 with 31.67% of PCs (372,823). My native display resolution, 1152 x 864, is only used by 5.22% of Steam users (61,398).

32.71% of Steam users (385,028) contain a hard drive with over 250GB of total hard drive space while 13.70% of Steam users (161,256) contain a hard drive with 70GB to 79.9GB of total hard drive space. Only 0.42% of Steam users (4,890) share the same amount of space my hard drive has: 80GB.

Lastly, 37.36% of Steam users, including yours truly, (439,747) use 2.0GB or more of system RAM; 31.78% of Steam users (374,069) use 1.0GB to 1.49GB of system RAM.


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