Yakuza ramen coming your way!

Yakuza noodlesThose of you who played the Yakuza action/adventure games remember the good amount of time you spent visiting various shops and restaurants to eat noodles and other foodstuffs to keep up your energy.

Well Sega, the publishers of the game, has decided to bring a little reality to your virtual reality world by offering Yakuza 3 instant noodles in celebration of its next upcoming game.

The bad news, or good news, depending on your point of view, is that the game noodles won’t be available in the United States but only in Japan. But still, if you’re persistent enough you might be able to import a couple packs from overseas.

I’ve always wondered what sort of noodles Kazuma ate during his snack breaks to regain strength and why they seemed so expensive. I just hope that Yakuza 3 noodles won’t break the bank, (or taste terrible) when they come out sometime next month.

[via ps3fanboy]

Yakuza Ramen



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