You already have a Wii. Now take a Wiz…

Ok, I hear the groans out there. We just couldn’t resist the temptation of the pun. But what is serious is what GamePark Holdings has just announced–a new handheld game console called The Wiz. The GP2X Wiz will be available in October.

The GP2X Wiz will offer a flash player, will run on a internal Li-ion battery and will sport a OLED (organic light emitting diode) display that promises to be brighter and more colorful than a LCD screen. An OLED screen has several advantages over LCDs. OLEDs generate their own light and do not require a backlight to work, it uses less energy and are more efficient to make.

The heart of the machine will be running at 533 MHz, have a 3D accelerator, open source platform Linux OS! The Wiz will play videos, MP3s, display photos, transform into a comic reader, act as an e-book, plus have a full range of accessories such as a planner, memo pad, calculator, and voice recording.

Some of the games promised for the GP2X Wiz will be Asura Cross Wired (fighter), Her Knights (action), Lady Killer (puzzle), Legend of the Sword (RPG), Space Varments 2 (shooter), Battle Jewel (puzzle), Rhythm Mahem (music), Rael: The Redemption (RPG), and Laiten Palisserie (action arcade).

There will also be mini-games such as puzzles, poker and other casual titles. There will be free games that come installed on the console.

At the moment, no price point has been announced, but from the looks of it, it might have a chance of being a hit in a universe where only the PSP and DS have ruled supreme.

For more info on the Wiz, check it out here. (When the image shows up, click on it to enlarge.)


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