YouTube + GTA3 = Everybody panic!

Apparently, somebody somewhere in the United States made a video of themselves shooting an innocent bystander with a sniper rifle in GTA3. I know what you’re thinking: how do we STOP these madmen!? There’s more though. Apparently while doing it, they said a teacher’s NAME.

I regret the fact that I live in such an alarmist political atmosphere that I’m forced to write about this crap. Some kids playing a videogame and posting a video of it shouldn’t be news for anybody. According to the principal of Marlborough Boys College, the school the students attended, the video they made is something akin to a "trivial piece of graffiti on a wall in town." "Education Specialists," on the other hand, think differently.

Who are these education specialists, and what exactly are they proposing be done here? Should the children be arrested for making the video? Is everybody really so sensitive that a childish game can get blown out of proportion and perceived as some kind of serious threat? V-Tech and Columbine are like magic words in this ridiculous crusade against reason we’ve got going on. I think it’s time we all grew up a little bit and stopped letting these hot button issues spur us to obviously retarded reactionism.

[via GameRush]


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