Apple goes to hell with newly approved iRequiem


Apple and Rapid Turtle Games have just announced the approval of their "2D horror themed shooter taking place in hell" called iRequiem and a release date for December 16th on the iPod Touch. The underworld just got a lot more… swipey.

On this touch-screen tour of Satan’s realm, you’ll be amply supplied with shotguns, crossbows, rocket launchers, and, or course, a healthy helping of dark arcane magic. Judging from the screenshots (you can check ’em out on the game’s website), iRequiem looks to combine an almost Resident Evil style inventory system with Gauntlet Legends graphics and Contra side-scrolling shooting. And it’s all done with touch screen, so hopefully the interface is as solid as other iPod Touch games.

If you want to read more about the iRequiem’s story, check out the press release below, or just download the game on December 16th.


Rapid Turtle Games Presents iRequiem

Horror Themed 2D Shooter for iPhone and iPod touch

Approved by Apple and coming 16th December, 2010

Rapid Turtle Games today are celebrating their title iRequiem has been approved by Apple and is due to be launched – worldwide 16th December, 2010 – price structure coming soon. iRequiem – a 2D horror themed shooter taking place in hell, which is depicted as a dark gothic medieval world. http:/

"We are really excited to have iRequiem in the hands of consumer, said Attila Siladji, co-founder of Rapid Turtle Games. After a year of development we cannot be happier to finally have the game available for fast-paced 2D zombie shooter fans. Get yourself ready for this intense survival shooter which is packed with beautiful graphics, rocking music, and great gameplay."

iRequiem will have you fighting against a horde of zombies and other creatures – don’t worry about your weapon of choice as you will be supplied with a mixture of real-world modern weapons like shotguns, grenade/rocket launchers and medieval/fantasy weapons such as bows and crossbows. Along the way you will gain dark magic weapons such as spells, amulets, dark powers and rites.

iRequiem offers gamers a more realistic horror graphic compared to other 2D zombie/horror shooters available on the App Store.

The story begins after Evil takes the main protagonist’s soul and endows him with dark powers. Here’s the protagonist’s monologue at the beginning of the game:

"Banished by this world and hunted by the evil, there is no place to hide for me. My days and nights were spent in the shadows hiding from both worlds, since I tasted the death and came back to live. The evil took my soul, but in return endowed me with a special gift – possession of dark powers. The unattractive appearance and the closeness with the evil power conspired against me, robbing me of everything valuable for this world. Bitter and alone, my desire to take vengeance on evil was stronger as time passed. I want to regain my soul and to return to my people. Let the revenge begin…"

iRequiem players control only the main protagonist, but there are vehicles which the player can control too. In addition, a special power allows players to possess any of the monsters available in the game, and to use all of its attack skills until it dies!

Key Features
· Campaign game mode – lead the main protagonist through five stages of detailed story driven game play
· Survival game mode
· 4+ hours of gameplay for Campaign mode; unlimited for Survival mode
· 55 levels, 4 difficulty levels, great storyline
· 5 stages with unique graphics
· 11 kill skills: overkill, multi kill, chain kill, afterburn, carbonized, smash kill…
· 13 types of regular enemies
· 3 types of mini-bosses
· 5 unique bosses
· Professional in-game voices by John McCann
· Vehicles
· Humans fighting on the player’s side
· Control any monster with dark powers!
· Detailed player statistics
· OpenFeint leader boards and achievements (40+)
· Action Replay – record your gameplay and watch it later! Watch how you have defeated the boss, completed a level etc.



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