Audiosurf: the first GamerNode audio, video, and reality-shattering review

While I can’t recall ever using the news to showcase a new review coming up, I felt like I should do it this once since we’re trying something different and otherwise people may not know it exists. (Plus I can break the rules like that.)

For the first time, we’ve reviewed a game via audio, text, and video all simultaneously. To make things more impressive, the video of the review is a video of someone playing the game using the audio of the review for the game being played! Wrap your mind around that one. It was a several day task spanning multiple continents and accents (Kyle didn’t know jambo is Australian) and the final product can be found in the Audiosurf review page, here.

Let us know what you think. Like it? Think it sucked? Want to see more or less like it in the future? Obviously nothing will be as reality-shattering as this (how often can you play a game using the audio of the review for the game being played?) but we can try.

(Also, keep an eye out for a contest involving the audio review and Audiosurf once I figure out possible prizes to use. You guys dig Company of Heroes and/or Pirates of the Burning Sea?)


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