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By Brendon Lindsey, June 23, 2010 0 Previews

Naturally, the follow-up to GamerNode’s 2009 Game of the Year, Assassin’s Creed II, would be high on our list of "must-sees" at this year’s E3. The question that stood fast in my mind leading up to the show, however, was… Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, October 13, 2009 0 VG Review

Like metal music, Tim Schafer’s latest game, Brutal Legend, really is a love it or hate it endeavor. For all of the great things Double Fine has done — one of the best and most entertaining characters this generation, a… Read More »

The Beatles: Rock Band Review

By Brendon Lindsey, September 15, 2009 0 VG Review

Yes, Harmonix promised to do “something different” with The Beatles: Rock Band. And yes, it’s still readily recognizable as a Rock Band game. But honestly, people, what did you expect? An open-world sandbox where you design shirts to help make… Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, June 26, 2009 0 VG Review

Some of the product descriptions for FaceFighter label it as a game with “rich and snappy gameplay” that will “satisfy even the most demanding fans,” but, in actuality, it’s more of a casual fighting minigame with the entertaining ability to… Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, June 26, 2009 0 VG Review

Surprisingly, the iPhone is filled to the brim with word games. The latest, 99Games’ Wordulous, is looking to carve a spot for itself in the genre. From the first moment you load the game and see the game’s mascot character… Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, June 26, 2009 0 VG Review

Remember the Flash game, Defend Your Castle? In it, stickmen would attack your castle, and you would use the mouse to fling them away, causing hilariously entertaining stickman devastation. Not surprisingly, the concept became a popular game on the iPhone,… Read More »

When game journalism gets lazy

By Brendon Lindsey, June 17, 2009 0 Features

A quick sidenote while I’m waiting for my lunch to heat up… One of the big problems with "game journalism" has always been its reliance on being able to go "FIRST!" First to get something on Digg; first to get… Read More »

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

By Brendon Lindsey, June 16, 2009 0 VG Review

As anyone who knows me can probably guess, I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan. I’ve loved the movies since I first saw the original when I was just a kid, and the series has remained one of my alltime favorites. Even… Read More »

By Brendon Lindsey, June 7, 2009 0 Previews

Torchlight is an upcoming action RPG developed by Runic Entertainment, a relatively new development studio formed by the team at Flagship Studios that created the short-lived Mythos, and back in the day helped create one of the greatest games of… Read More »

Killzone 2 Review

By Brendon Lindsey, February 3, 2009 0 VG Review

If you haven’t heard of Killzone 2, you must have been in a coma for the last few years. Sony’s much-hyped PS3 game has been one of the most anticipated games for years — ever since its first (questionable) E3… Read More »