Bethesda sends mystery drives, Fallout: New Vegas reveal?

bethesda usb drive

Destructoid East and a few other game journalism sites received packages today with a mysterious USB drive containing a text and audio file.  The text file says:







For those of you paying attention, the first letters spell out CIPHER.  Using these words and the information in the audio file (you can listen to it at the link below), Joystiq was able to decipher the code to mean "APRIL WEEK TWO".

So what’s going down next week?  Nothing is really revealed about the reveal within the USB drive, but the postmark on the envelope comes from Rockville, Maryland, the home of Bethesda Softworks, developer of the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas. Here’s another tidbit that Destructoid had to say about the postmark:

"It’s also been pointed out to me that the stamp on the letter is also a clue. It’s of author Richard Wright, whose second novel, The Outsider, was published in 1953. Developer Frontier Developments is currently working on an action-adventure title of the same name. As far as we know, the game has no publisher; perhaps the Maryland connection was only another clue — the game is set in present-day Washington DC. Or perhaps Bethesda is the publisher. Perhaps not.

Or how’s this for a direct link to an already announced project. According to the Fallout Wiki, Richard Wright is a character referenced in the series, yet never appears. With Fallout: New Vegas already in the cards, perhaps this can just be a countdown to a Fallout: New Vegas reveal. Perhaps not."

Look for more coming in APRIL WEEK TWO.




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