Brink Movement Trailer: Mirror's Edge meets Borderlands?

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This trailer for Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming game Brink came out earlier this month, but upon second review, there are a few highlights to note.

First, for those who don’t find this apparent, despite the way in which this game may feel reminiscent of the first person platformer Mirror’s Edge developed by DICE, and FPS/RPG hybrid Borderlands developed by Gearbox, Brink is being developed a very different group, Splash Damage.  Also, both DICE and Gearbox used the Unreal 3 engine in their games, whereas Splash Damage will be using Wolfenstein’s id Tech 4.  So why is it that this game feels so familiar? Is this just another example of "imitation is flattery"?

While there’s no doubt that gaming ideas and technology build on each other, what this "Freedom of Movement" trailer reveals is something very unique simply in its combination of two already developed games to create something that promises to be better than the sum of its parts (as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned). Watch the trailer closely as the acrobatic skills are combined with gunplay, turning an empty, rusted hull of a ship into a potential bullet slinging playground.  Also, note the character’s gear in the video, which is totally customizable throughout the game, though the system for customization has yet to be revealed.  And not only can players customize their look, but their abilities and weapons, a very obvious homage, along with the graphics, to Borderlands.

Look forward to this interesting amalgamation late in 2010 on 360, PS3, and PC.



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