British gamer killed over Advance Wars forum dispute

Even though Jack Thompson was crazy, we all (unfortunately) have to recognize from time to time that sometimes games DO lead to violence in some individuals. A British gamer named Matthew Pyke (20) was killed in Nottingham, England over an alleged dispute with a fellow Advance Wars forum user, David Heiss. Pyke, who ran an Advance Wars website and forum with his girlfriend, supposedly got into a dispute on the forums with Heiss, which ultimately led to Heiss flying from Germany to England where he murdered Pyke.

Heiss then left messages on Pyke’s girlfriend’s wall apologizing for "having caused so much trouble lately." Original reports on the story in the Telegraph and other newspapers had police refusing to comment on whether or not Heiss was taken into custody, but later reports have confirmed that it is the case. 

Other users of the Advance War forums told the police and media that they may know more about what happened between the two, but in one post shared "We may know a lot of what was going on prior to the killing, but I, for one, am not going to say any more." Stupid idea of honor based off of the whole "Don’t be a snitch" movement? Who knows. Either way, I for one hope that the people who do know more get a hold of their senses and tell the authorities what they know. A young man’s life has already been taken away from him. Not tattling is only going to either A) not punish the person responsible, or B) lead to the police punishing someone innocent due to a lack of other evidence and suspects.


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