Buy NCSoft stuff to support Child's Play

Child's Play logoYou know me. I’m a sucker for any sort of charity–especially the ones where the words "child" and "play" are involved. Seems NCSoft has a soft spot in their collective heart, too. Recently, they put up some exclusive NCSoft items from various games for auction, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Child’s Play charity. Included are a signed City of Heroes poster and City of Villains statue, a couple of signed videogames, and the chance to have an in-game NPC in Tabula Rasa named after you.

Child’s Play is a charity aimed at giving games and bringing fun to the child patients in hospitals. Starting out in Seattle, it’s not reaching all over the globe. Each year thousands of gamers and games industry people join forces to donate money, games, and systems to children who need a little cheering up. Last year, the donations totaled over $1 million dollars. As of this week, the current donations stand at $974,000. If you can’t (or really don’t feel like) donating, don’t forget, you can always print out information sheets and call local children’s hospitals to inform people about the charity.



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