Dead Space 2 played using Kinect

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Kinect hacks have reached every major game genre and play style by now, so it seems like old news to hear that another popular game has been modified to use Kinect (plus some Wiimote assistance). But Dead Space 2?

Perhaps it was inevitable, but YouTube user kick755 has hacked Dead Space 2 in order to play it using Microsoft’s Kinect motion control camera and Nintendo’s Wiimote motion controller. The Kinect uses FAAST software to run the movement-based commands (stomp, run, reload, strafe) while the Wiimote uses Glovepie to control aiming and it looks like turning as well. Maybe kick755has just become proficient at his own software/hardware combination, but it seems to work surprisingly well, though not without its herky-jerky moments.

This does bode well for the future of Kinect’s survival-horror lineup, with SEGA promising what seems to be an on-rails nail-biter in Rise of Nightmares and Suda 51 promising Codename D, a "twisted and eerie" romp through an evil amusement park. However, these titles are likely to use only the technology in the Kinect, which may offer a less precise aiming mechanic if any at all.

For now, gamers will just have to get their freakouts the old fashioned way – with a controller tightly clasped in their sweaty hands.


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