E3: GamerNode Visits with I-Play

During our week of covering the E3 convention, assignments were handed out to GamerNode staff in order to go out and obtain an accurate pulse of the game industry. Included in our itinerary was to investigate the mobile game sector. One mobile gaming company, I-Play, offered us an opportunity to sit and chat with their company representative and discuss the ins and outs of mobile gaming.

I-Play,s company philosophy is “one thumb gaming;” a concept in which mobile game titles can be quickly learned but still have good entertainment value. At a recent mobile game developer,s conference, game companies were lambasted for inferior games and content that was weak. I-Play, evidently, is not one of these mobile game companies. I-Play has a game library which reads like a movie list with such titles as Fast and Furious, GoodFellas, Rollerball, Platoon, RoboCop, and 24. The Fast and Furious franchise has sold over 4 million copies. But movie based games are only part of what makes I-Play tick. Of particular interest, their casual games 20Q, Skipping Stones, and Slyder have received numerous “best of” awards in the mobile game category. The I-Play,s game library encompasses a wide range of gaming interests and something can be found for just about any mobile gamer.

We asked what made I-Play successful, and without skipping a beat, their company rep attributed the success of I-Play to the individuals who worked for the company. In short, he said that the firm was comprised of people who loved games and whose priority was to make games that were entertaining and full of value. Most games in the I-Play catalog range from $5.99 to $6.99 and can be ordered from all major cell phone carriers. So if you are stuck waiting for a friend at the airport, or are waiting for your date to arrive, a quick mobile game such as The Fast and Furious may be just the solution to past the time away.


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