E3 Preview: Ninjatown

We all know the Tower Defense games have taken off in the last year and a half. What once started as a simple flash game has expanded into a verifiable genre. So what’s someone to do to make their tower defense styled game stand out? The simple answer is to use cute little ninjas.

Ninjatown DS is a game developed by Venan and being released by Southpeak. Based on former EGM editor Shawn Smith’s Shawnimals line of toys, Ninjatown features a colorful cast of cute ninja characters all trying to protect their city from Mr. Demon and his forces.

The plot of the story seems rather simple-Mr. Demon and his demons are trying to destroy Ninjatown-but Shawn was adamant that Ninjatown will have much more than just the simple, possibly cliché setting behind it. Featuring a lot of dialogue and characterization, Ninjatown may be the first tower defense game with a plot and actual characters.

Read the full preview HERE!


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