Free Rock Band 2 DLC revealed

When Rock Band 2 came out, Harmonix and MTV promised that we’d (eventually) see 20 free DLC songs. That promise is about to be fulfilled, as the full list of featured songs and the day of their release has been announced.

Starting November 4, PS3 and 360 owners who purchased Rock Band 2 will have access to the 20 additional tracks. (Wii is coming when the game ships in December.) To access the tracks, take a gander at the back of your Rock Band 2 instruction booklet for a unique code. Input that code on XBL or the PSN, and you’re given the rights to download the 20 tracks. While they aren’t by gigantic Super Duper Famous musicians, the list does have a couple of gems from up-and-coming and little known bands. For the most part, though, expect these 20 songs to serve more as a way to become familiar with people you’ve never heard before; I doubt even our resident music geek Kyle has heard of all 20 of these guys.

You can find the full list of the artists and their included songs below:


* The 88 – "Sons and Daughters",
* Authority Zero – "No Regrets",
* Between the Buried and Me – "Prequel To The Sequel",
* The Cab – "Bounce",
* The Chevelles – "Get It On",
* The Cocktail Slippers – "Give It To Me",
* Dealership – "Database Corrupted",
* Endeverafter – "I Wanna Be Your Man",
* The Ghost Hounds – "Ashes To Fire",
* Hollywood Undead – "Young",
* Kutless – "The Feeling",
* The Len Price 3 – "If I Ain’t Got You",
* Lesley Roy – "I’m Gone, I’m Going",
* Opiate for the Masses – "Burn You Down",
* Semi-Precious Weapons – "Magnetic Baby",
* Shaimus – "Like a Fool",
* Thenewno2" – Crazy Tuesday",
* Tickle Me Pink – "The Time Is Wrong",
* Underoath – "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures",
* X Japan – "I.V." 


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