Gamecock apologizes for ruining Ken Levine's VGA speech

BioshockIf you saw the VGAs the other night, you may or may not have made it to the end of the show and seen Gamecock crash the party during Ken Levine’s acceptance of Game of the Year for Bioshock. Two guys dressed up in the typical Gamecock gear walked onto stage, confusing Ken profusely, went through puberty while spewing nonsense into the mic, then stood off to the back doing nothing but crow a couple times. Right. Makes sense.

It seems, though, that Gamecock has realized it may not have been the smartest move to interrupt Ken Levine and keep him from speaking. Talking to Joystiq, Gamecock’s Mike Wilson said, "…the award acceptance they interrupted was the LAST one we would have wanted to interrupt, (‘most addictive game fueled by mountain dew’ would have been a wonderful choice) as we have the utmost respect and love for BioShock and all who were involved in it, and it totally sucks that Ken Levine didn’t get to speak after making such a fantastic game."

Poking fun at Halo 3? You totally saved your street cred and anti-establishment attitude!

While the whole fiasco was a little embarrassing for Gamecock (and the whole VGAs were a lot embarrassing for gaming in general), it does give me further evidence in my conspiracy theory that Gamecock is really a publisher run secretly by a big company. How else could they get on stage and stay on that easily at an event with that much publicity and money poured into it?


[via Joystiq]



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