GamerNode interviews CDV: 3 new PC games for U.S.

SherlockHolmesGamerNode hooked up with game publisher CDV to see three of their newest PC games. Each game we saw was in an entirely different genre.

The first title we put our magnifying glass to was Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. Sherlock fans will feel right at home at 221b Baker Street, the famous residence of Holmes, and will be treated to an intensive and deep storyline involving the solving of a mysterious series of kidnapping events.

As they say, the plot thickens as Holmes and Dr. Watson sniff out clues and explore the old town of London.

Mario Kroll, Director of Marketing and PR for CDV described the game as "A traditional 3D adventure…basically you play the roles, alternatively, between Watson and Holmes in this mystery. The game is a continuous storyline that spans several chapters. What is interesting is that the plot twists the timeline of history a bit. It’s basically Cthulhu (from horror writer H.P. Lovecraft) meets Sherlock Holmes."

If you fancy yourself a super sleuth, you’ll be put to the test as every bit of dialogue that you encounter, as you question suspects and witnesses, is absolutely essential in moving ahead and solving the riddles and puzzles of the plot.

Kroll said, "Everything that you gather, see or find is automatically captured in your logbook. But if you try the same thing (that is wrong) several times, or if you are missing elements in the game, the game will alert you so you can continue in the game. It’s an adventure ‘who-done-it’ which gets increasingly creepy and scary with the dark elements of the Cthulhu cult"

For mystery fans or those who like a good game which challenges their observational skills and logic prowess, Sherlock Holmes plays like a virtual mystery novel, with you at the helm of the world’s most famous detective.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened is slated for stores on September 4, 2007


TarrNext on the list is Tarr Chronicles, a futuristic space shooter described as similar in nature to Battlestar Galactica — you go on various junkets to protect your fleet, accomplish missions, or what every serious space fan wants…lots and lots of alien destruction and combat.

Ted Brockwood, PR Director for Calico Communications said, "…the space ships you fly will have over 100 configurations – some fighters are fast, but have limited armor, other’s have heavy armor but lack the mobility of the faster attack ships. You also have a wingman which has a sharp AI. They actually count for something…they attack for you and just don’t scare enemies away. There are 35 missions total and about 95 mini tasks."

"Tarr is story driven…but you can always hit escape if you don’t want to see the story unfold." (And get into the action, one might add.)

Looking though the space craft’s cockpit gives a unhindered view of where you’re going, and can sometimes lead to being a little disoriented since there really no "down" or "up" in space. But after a few flights, the idea of just lining up your craft with your surroundings should prove to be second nature.

If you’re looking for some good old space blasting action, or are prone to enjoy a good storyline with your gameplay, you will find that Tarr Chronicles may be just what you are looking for.

Coming to a galaxy near you in September 2007.


Battles of RomeLast but not least on the list is The History Channel (R) Great Battles of Rome, a historical strategy game co-marketed by CDV and the History Channel. The game is based upon the television series by the same name. There will be over 50 minutes of History Channel video tied into the game.

Mario Kroll said, "You follow in the footsteps of the Roman Empire. There are about 100 major battles. There is quite a bit of diversity in the gameplay and it’s a great way to learn about the Roman Empire. First and foremost, it is definitely aimed for the history and strategy buff. People might only watch about history, but they can have an interactive experience by playing the game…[and try out] the "what if?" and "what would happen?" scenarios.

"[But] casual gamers will like how they can customize the look and feel of the game. There’s no reason why any non-history buffs shouldn’t try the game. The developers have done some things with the game design…with that in mind."

One of the design features is the ability to select different difficulty levels. This will cater to the hardcore and casual gamer as they go forth to pillage and plunder.

Great Battles of Rome will offer battle units such as heavy and light cavalry, light and heavy infantry, skirmishers and others. You’ll be able to experience battles during the Punic Wars, Caesar’s Gallic War and the Battle of Philippi among many other historically set encounters.

For pure strategists, history buffs, or anyone interested in some good historical game play, The History Channel (R) Great Battles of Rome is a game you may want to check out.

Scheduled launch date is set for September 2007.


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