GamerNode's back up. Here are some pictures and videos of models from E3 in chainmail bikinis.

Random guys*Note: There’s no nudity or anything, but depending on where you work you may not want to look at a page filled with pictures of women dancing in bikinis.*

Did the headline get your attention? I assume it did. Especially if you’re a guy, or some weird fetishist who’s into kinky medieval swimwear. Regardless of your intentions in this topic, you get what you came for: pictures (and some videos) of models from the Age of Conan E3 party.

Why did I take so long to share? Partly because of the work involved in resizing, uploading, resizing again, etc., and partly because for the longest time I debated with "Should this actually go on the site? Will people care?" However, I figured it was time you guys got to enjoy some of the shots I took at E3 (other than those in my journal entries), and in case I forgot your birthday, let’s hope this makes up for it, shall we?

Plus it’s a good test to see just what the new server is capable of.

(And no, the dude in the Fallout t-shirt is not from Bethesda — they had their own party concurrently a few miles away.)

Rather than waste valuable picture room on text, I went ahead and wrote a little about each image in the alt text/description. So feel free to hover over an image if you want to read a little blurb about it.


Random guys at the party pre-models

What occupied free time.

What you came for.

Woman dancing in chainmail bikini.

Is that yellow glint light, or gold?

That guy spent 2 hours straight taking pictures.

At the end they all danced together to ward off nerdish advances.

Is the flash too bright? Or did someone unzip their pants?

This may look like a pose, but she actually wanted this to see how she looked for the photographer from Maxim before he came.

Look at the size of those boots...

Seriously, look at them!

The only one brave enough to stay in the club during break time.

They forced these two to dance in a corner, and I felt sorry for them. It's like a sexy time-out.

Someone important must have asked for them to pose.

I wish that light was small enough for me to sneak out in my backpack.

This is purely to show another good example of what the light looks like, and nothing else.

That snake scared the crap out of me. And then it crapped ON me for good measure.


As I went to the restroom before I left, I couldn't help but wonder who designed the door handle.




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