God of War: Ghost of Sparta Hands-On Preview

There isn’t anything particularly spectacular or surprising about the latest God of War title releasing for the PSP. You can rest assured that the quality of the series remains steadfast. Gameplay is smooth and fluid, the graphics are the best the PSP has ever seen (with the exception of maybe Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker), and the quick time set pieces are as epic as they have ever been. The God of War demos have always ended on exciting cliff-hangers, and the Ghost of Sparta demo is no different.

The demo in question begins in an interesting throwback to the first game. Kratos begins his journey on a rainy boat out in the high seas, and must fight off a series of enemies as they emerge from the water. It immediately calls to memory the original God of War as it intentionally feels very similar. After taking out a few waves of enemies, Kratos must continue through the decks in order to battle a giant sea monster, which has presumably been sent by some angry god to defeat Kratos.

A few game elements have made it over from God of War III. Quick time prompts appear in the appropriate sections of the screen for easier recognition. The triangle prompt appears on the top of the screen, the square prompt on the left, etc., and it makes it easier to focus on the characteristically gory action. Kratos’ shoulder thrust has also made it over form the PS3 version, which helps to vary the combat slightly from previous entries in the series.

The demo also shows off a new weapon for Kratos. Nothing will ever replace the chain blades in Kratos’ bitter heart, but the staff/shield combo being shown off in the demo certainly offered a wide variety of uses and attacks. Kratos could use the shield to protect himself from incoming arrows, he could throw the spear for long-range attacks, and he could swing the spear for more traditional close-range attacks. Two offensive, and one defensive purpose, all served by one weapon. Yes.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta will be available November 2nd exclusively for the PSP, and if you like the God of War series, it looks like this one won’t disappoint.


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