Halo Reach causes huge upswing in overseas console sales

halo reach

No one had the misconception that Halo Reach would not sell phenomenally well. Everybody knew this was going to happen. That being said though, to see a percentage spike this large in the number of Xbox 360 console owners occur simply because of Halo Reach, is a suprise.

A company called Gfk-ChartTrack has reported that in the UK, hardware sales of the Xbox 360 were up 99% during the week of Halo’s release. That’s a lot of folks putting down some serious investement dough to play one game. Having a special edition version of the console themed to Halo helped add to these numbers, but the Xbox adoption rate fuled by Halo Reach is still worth noting.

Bungie has announced online matchmaking for the cooperative campaign, and additional maps are undoubtedly on the way. As long as Bungie continues to support Halo Reach like it currently is and historically has for its previous titles, its likely that the sales number will keep on climbing. What is Microsoft going do once Bungie has officially left for Activision? I’m nervous for them.



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