Holiday Contest 2: Orange Box

"On the second day of Christmas, Valve gave to me, the Orange Box on Stee-eam!"

Our next contest is for five copies of Orange Box on Steam. Rather than blow my Orange Box load all at once, I thought I’d spread the loving out a little bit over the course of the next few weeks. What that means is this week, one winner will get Orange Box. Next week, two winners will get Orange Box. The final week, two winners will get Orange Box and an additional prize which will be revealed sometime closer to then.

For the first two weeks, the contest is a simple throwback to our "Just be active!" contest mixed with a little Photoshop action and some poetry fun. All you have to do is post comments on news stories, reviews, and all the stuff on the frontpage (not the forums, this time) and you’ll be entered for most of it (see below for specifics). Much like then, I have a Super Secret Number in mind (more than 1, less than 7). Reach that in a day, and you get a single e-ticket in the e-drawing for the e-prize.

(In addition, if you refer anyone to register on the site and they get to at least 10 posts in the forums, you get an extra chance to win each week. So drag your friends to the Node, and they’ll have a chance at winning OB, too. Just don’t tell them that your chance will be bigger!)

In week two and three, there will be additional chances to win outside of just posting. In week 2, the person with the best Photoshop involving the Companion Cube will also get a copy of Orange Box. In week 3, the person who has submitted the best Orange Box-inspired poem will win a copy. It can be about the Cube, Gordon, crowbars, headcrabs or even science. As long as it’s related to the OB in some way, it’s legit.

If you don’t have Orange Box, this is a great chance to see what you’ve been missing out on. If you already have Orange Box, this is a good chance to win an awesome Christmas present to give to your friends.


How to Win Each Week:

Week 1:

One copy: post in articles

Week 2:

One copy: post in articles

One copy: Photoshop Companion Cube into an image. (Funniest or most clever wins)

Week 3:

One copy: post in articles

One copy: write an Orange Box-inspired poem. Whether it’s about Portal, cake, Gordon, or crowbars, if it’s related to anything in the Orange Box, it’s allowed.


If you have any questions or want to discuss entries/ideas/other related issues, here’s the official contest forum thread.


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