I know what I'm doing this weekend…

I really don’t care if everyone hates me. Right now, I feel invincible. (Well, not really.) Moments ago Mr. FedEx delivered a package from Mr. Microsoft to Mr. Brendon, and what should be in said package but (as Eddie calls it) Halo Trois.

Now, I can’t write much related to the game until later this weekend (look for a review Sunday at noon PST), but I can take some pictures of the box to show off and increase my e-cred, as well as get a new MySpace/Facebook profile image out of it.

Also, one of these pictures was taken just to show off to Mr. Chris Pereira, diehard Halo and Viva Pinata fan. Can you guess which one it is? Here’s a hint: it has a pinata in it that I’ve been meaning to send Chris’s way for quite a while now.

If you see me online, feel free to bother me and interrupt my Halo playing to ask pointless questions. I can’t share everything, but I’d be happy to give quick impressions for the three people still on the fence about pre-ordering before Tuesday.



Halo 3 Raiders
These are the two things that will occupy my entire weekend. Sorry, honey.
Viva Halo Pinata!
Let’s face it, Chris had it coming with all of his "Pinata this, Halo that!" talk.
Halo 3
Just Mr. Master Chief hangin’ out on top of my CD rack. What’s that, MC? You want me to play Tech N9ne?
People wanted to know what the disc looks like, so here you go. 





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