LEGO Indiana Jones to feature four player co-op

LEGO Indiana JonesStephen Totilo recently spent some time getting to know LEGO Indy up close and personal. For his full impressions, you can check out the Multiplayer blog entry here. What’s most exciting about the information is that the game will feature four player simultaneous co-op.

Anyone who’s played LEGO Star Wars knows how fun it is to play with a friend. To play LEGO Indy with three other friends? It will definitely be awesome. In addition to learning about the multiplayer, it was revealed that unlike LEGO Star Wars, Indy will have a lot more emphasis on character-specific abilities. For example, Satipo will have a shovel which can be used to dig up treasure, while Indy will have his whip for grabbing things at a distance or swinging over obstacles.

The other good news is that much like the films, LEGO Indy is going to be placing a big empahsis on adventure. LEGO Star Wars was almost entirely about combat, and that’s all well and good, but Indiana Jones has never been a movie to watch for the fights.

Other information gathered includes the fact that Nazis won’t be removed from the game (despite recent rumors), and that the game will only encompass the original Indiana Jones trilogy, not the fourth movie which comes out within a week of LEGO Indiana Jones’ release.


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