Let the contest season begin! (Again!)

I’ve already mentioned previously that our I Can Play Guitar! contest was an early example of future things to come from GN. Thankfully, it wasn’t a complete bomb which left me devoid of any will to actually give stuff away to you guys, rather than keep it for myself.

So what happens now? Well, the start of the official GamerNode contest season! (I just like saying that; it makes me feel like Bob Costas.)

How does it work? It’s fairly simple, but remains so incredibly complex that only I and a team of trained scientist monkeys understand the true purpose of the rules. I’ll let you guys have a shot anyway, though.

To participate, all you need to do is be here, and be active. What’s that mean? Post comments in stories. Participate in discussions on the forum. Start new topics. Don’t spam or sign me up for spam emails. Depending on how active you are, you’re awarded "tickets" (note: there are no actual physical tickets) which are then entered into a random drawing. The more tickets you have, the better chances you have to win. That’s just obvious. (At the same time, if you make a joke that’s so bad it makes me feel bad for the children of the world, I may deduct some tickets.)

That means the more you post and hang out on GN between now and next Sunday at 11:59 PM PST, the better your chances are to win. What can you win this week?

Well, after giving away a bigass toy guitar the first time around, I wanted to bring it down to earth for a little bit. Give a bit of an acoustic solo, if I may be allowed to completely butcher that analogy. The randomly selected winner of this week’s contest will win:

  • 1 E3 2007 baseball cap (adjustable; black)
  • 1 GamerNode mousepad (flat and square-like; blue with the GN logo)
  • 1 random mystery prize from my own collection of random things (probably not valued at over $5 MSRP, but I can sign it or something if you want…)

Over the course of the week, I and my team of scientist monkeys will be monitoring the site, keeping track of activity, and awarding bonus tickets for funny comments, insightful forum threads, etc. Also, if your friends register for GN, make sure they put you as a referral; it may end up giving you a bonus that week if they meet my Super Secret Hidden Criteria ;). (Also, you can totally pull the "You only won because I got you to register, so share the stuff with me!" routine if they end up winning.)

There are a few rules, of course. For example, GN staff isn’t eligible to win, because then people will accuse me of cheating. Also, if you live outside of the US, expect a slight delay on getting your stuff mailed to you, because I haven’t exactly looked into how much shipping costs to every country on the world in the event I need to send it there.


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