Metal Slug 3 coming to XBLA this Wednesday

Metal SlugThis Wednesday, get ready to rock out with Metal Slug 3 on Xbox Live Arcade. The fourth game in SNK’s Metal Slug series, Metal Slug 3 features a host of new transformations, weapons, and slugs.

Already previously released on the Xbox, the game didn’t do so well considering the steep price for the fairly simple arcade title. This time around, Metal Slug 3 will set you back 800 points. My guess is they put it between the normal retro arcade games and the Xbox Originals so they didn’t have to make the call.

The game is going to be a straight-up port, with one major addition: online co-op. If playing Metal Slug online with friends isn’t reason enough to get this game, you have no heart. While 800 may seem like too much for it, just imagine all quarters you’ll save next time you go to the local bowling alley and say, "Nah, let’s just play Metal Slug online after we’re done here."

(And yes, this is the one with zombie transformations.) 


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