MGS: The Essential Collection up for pre-order at Play-Asia

Metal Gear Solid CollectionWant to catch up on that whole "Metal Gear Solid" thing before the release of MGS4, but haven’t quite been able to track down copies of all the games? Or are you just pissed that Japan gets an MGS collection while the US got shafted? If the answer to either was yes, then worry no more, if Play-Asia’s to be believed.

Over on, they’ve listed a PS2 titled called "Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection." The package will sell for $34.90, and contains MGS 1-3. Not only are you getting all three titles, but you’re getting the director’s cut of 2 and 3, as well as new box art from Shinkawa.

The release date is listed as March 2008. So far there’s been no official word from Konami about the package, and it doesn’t appear on other sites like Amazon or GameStop, but it wouldn’t be the first time Play-Asia had an upcoming game listed first.

Let’s just hope they’re right.


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