Mike Meyers wants you to help stop Ah-nold

No, not THAT Mike Meyers. Michael Meyers of Michael Meyers PR sent out a well-written email earlier this evening, encouraging industry members to write to Governor Schwarzenegger and try to stop his appeal of California’s Anti-Video Game Bill, AB1179.

Since it offers a lot of resources for gamers and gives a nice breakdown of the whole situation, I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Everything under this line was written by Mike (except for the comments, although one may be written by him).



Dear Gaming Industry Member,

As many of you may know, a judge recently terminated California’s Anti-Video Game Bill, AB1179, because it was unconstitutional. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to appeal this ruling and get the law back. As a long standing member of the gaming community, MMPR has written the Governor urging him to stop the appeal of this ruling. We know that many of you have already reported on this story this week on your websites. We would like to encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to provide your readers with the information below from the videogamevoters.org so that they can get involved in fighting this Bill. We appreciate any help you can provide in spreading the word.



After Federal Judge Ronald Whyte, declared California’s Anti-Video Game Bill, AB1179, unconstitutional as it would have regulated video games, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger now will appeal the ruling and wants the law back. He is completely disregarding the Constitution, court rulings across the country, and the ESRB’s successful progress in educating parents on how to protect their children.

Governor Schwarzenegger, who signed this bill into law, has said, "I will vigorously defend this law and appeal it to the next level." – It is critical that you and other Californians write the Governor so he knows that you vigorously oppose this law. Being an action movie star, the Governor should understand that our video games deserve the same first amendment protections granted to his movies. As other states have paid over a million dollars in court fees in defending this legislation, his appeal will only lead to an even larger waste of taxpayer dollars, and the governor’s time.

After Federal Judge Ronald Whyte, declared California’s Anti-Video Game Bill, AB1179, It’s time the former movie star Governor stop his hypocritical attack on video games. As video gamers, parents, voters and taxpayers, we need to stop him.

Write a letter in your own words, and tell Governor Schwarzenegger that the California government does not need to do the work of the ESRB, it is an effective system just like movie ratings, and instead he should focus on educating parents about parental controls and the ESRB – and simply leave video games alone!


You can find the ruling on the California law here (PDF).
http:/www.videogamevoters.or g/resources.dyn/California_Decision.pdf

Please spread the word to other Californians and if you blog, share this action with others! www.videogamevoters.org/spreadtheword/alert/

Thank you,
The Video Game Voters Networks


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