Mother 3 fan translation finally finished

Rarely do I outright encourage people to download a ROM of a game. Gradually hint at it? Sure. Joke about it? You bet. In this case though, I’m telling you right now: download and play this game. Why am I telling you that? Because the long-awaited Mother 3 fan-translation is finally complete!

Mother 3 is the sequel to the epicly awesome SNES RPG Earthbound. In development for over 12 years, it was finally released on the GBA in 2006. It was painfully obvious that Nintendo of America never planned on localizing the game for US release, so in November of 2006 the fan translation of Mother 3 began. This weekend, the final product was released for public download.

If you’ve ever played or enjoyed Earthbound, Mother 3 is a must-play. Unlike Earthbound, Mother 3 is experienced through the eyes of multiple characters in Lucas’s family. (Ultimately Lucas becomes the main POV, but it’s not until nearly halfway in.)

Oh, yeah. Lucas. If you’ve played Smash Bros. Brawl you should know who that is. Little blond dude; plays like Ness. If you weren’t aware, this is the game he comes from. You know, because it makes perfect sense for Nintendo to almost guarantee they’ll never release Mother 3 in the US but then make the star of the game one of the main characters in its biggest game. Perfect sense.

You can find the English translation patch for Mother 3 at the official project site here. Be prepared for some awesome times. (Including one of the most emotional scenes ever via the badass Flint.)



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