NBA 2K9 to feature Living Rosters

NBA 2k9 KobeEvery now and then, something new happens in sports games which quickly becomes the standard. I have a feeling that 2K’s newly announced Living Rosters will do just that.

Featured for the first time in this year’s iteration of the NBA 2K franchise, living rosters are like roster updates on crack. While normal roster updates switch players to the right team, take them off of rosters when they’re on the IR, and do all of that fun stuff, living rosters will take it a step further.

Throughout the NBA season, as players improve, fall off, slump, or change how they play, NBA 2K9 will reflect it. As players perform new moves or skills in real life games, new animations, attributes, and tendencies will be added to their virtual counterpart.

After each update, an NBA 2K Insider (ie developer) will reveal the changes online and via downloadable videos for 2K9, allowing NBA fans to provide feedback and suggest the next batch of changes. Notice that your favorite player suddenly started being able to shoot turnaround jumpers or floaters? Let an NBA 2K Insider know and they’ll examine the real life data and videos and decide if it’s common enough for him to have it added to his in-game skillset.



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