New Bungie game is important to the future of Activision

Activision and Bungie

In the same conference call where Activision discussed the cancellation of the musical Hero franchises and True Crime: Hong Kong, CEO Eric Hirshberg had some exciting things to say about the upcoming Activision-published Bungie title.

No specific details about the content of the game were discussed, nor is it likely that we will see the game this year, but Hirshberg seems incredibly excited about it.

"Bungie is one of the world’s most gifted developers with one of the best track records in the industry," Hirshberg said.

"Although the title’s not expected to launch this year, Bungie’s new universe represents tremendous long-term potential for Activision Publishing."

Finally Hirshberg emphasized the importance of Bungie’s next game by saying, "This is one of our key strategic growth initiatives and we’re setting the stage for this product now."

Bungie has always been known to keep secrets well. Nobody knew that the Arbiter would be a playable character in Halo 2, until players had the game in their hands. We won’t know anything about Bungie’s new game until we’re supposed to, but the prospects for whatever the game will be are very exciting.



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