Nintendo to US: Please tell other countries to stop pirating our stuff

Today, Nintendo of America has asked the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to encourage governments around the world to take a more aggressive stance against the piracy of Nintendo’s games and systems. They filed it under a "Special 301" process, which is when the U.S. Trade Representative solicits input from the public to find areas of concern.

Recently Nintendo has been working with governments to crack down on piracy (their stings in several countries are evident of that). According to Nintendo of America’s senior director of anti-piracy, Jodi Daughtery, Big N estimates that "…in 2007, Nintendo, together with its publishers and developers, suffered nearly $975 million USD worldwide in lost sales as a result of piracy."

No word yet on what the Trade Representative will say in response to Nintendo, but I have a feeling that a huge international company asking the US government to officially step in on their behalf and help "encourage" laws about piracy with the rest of the world will be something they’ll giggle and grin at doing.

Just call it a hunch.


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