Pre-order Tabula Rasa, complete easy requirements, get 10 days free

Tabula RasaNCSoft’s upcoming title Tabula Rasa certainly has a lot of expectations placed upon it. Being the new child of Lord British himself, Richard Garriott, the game is being scrutinized quite excruciatingly by many players now participating in the new beta. (In case you’re wondering, I’m still loving it.)

Whether or not it lives up to the expectations will be seen soon when it’s released, but one thing’s for sure: they sure know how to treat the players nice. Right now, NCSoft is running a promotion for players who pre-order the game. The reward? 10 free days of playing time. (Basically 1/3 of a month, or 1.428571429 weeks if you want to be specific.)

To receive the playing time, gamers need to complete four easy steps:

1.Play the Tabula Rasa beta

2.Have a level 15 or higher character in the beta by 11:59pm (central time) on Friday, October 12

3.Purchase the full version of Tabula Rasa

4.Pay for a one month subscription or activate a gamecard by February 15, 2008

If you complete those four steps (and if you pre-order the game, there’s no reason you shouldn’t) you’ll get the free 10 days of playing time. It’s nice to get some free time for playing a beta you’d play for fun anyway, isn’t it?


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