Recent layoffs not connected to WAR's delay

Warhammer OnlineEurogamer has a new interview with EA Mythic’s Mark Jacobs, and he reassures them that the recent layoffs at EA Mythic have nothing to do with Warhammer Online’s delayed release; in their Q2 financial results, EA revealed that Warhammer would be delayed until Q2 2008.

According to Mark, "It’s absolutely unrelated. This is a question that’s asked all the time, and I understand why – but in any course of development, there are going to be times when you let some people go. That’s just what happens."

Apparently, this is part of EA’s new plan of "talking to the community, getting their feedback, and being involved" — a far cry from the typical EA stereotype we all love to reply with in regards to any negative EA-related news.

Whether or not the delay will result in the WoW Killer so many hoped for remains to be seen. On the bright side, Mark did promise that unlike Jurassic Park, this act of creation won’t result in us being eaten by giant reptiles.


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