Rock Band 2 to have DLC on Wii

Wii music lovers have often felt left in the dust. Their games come out later, their Rock Band 2s have no DLC… Well, if you’re a Wii owner with big dreams for Rock Band 2 worry no more, because while it’s unannounced MTV Games has confirmed with USA Today that Rock Band 2 on the Wii will feature downloadable content.

Previously citing that the Wii’s online experience wasn’t solid enough for downloadable songs, it seems that Harmonix, Activision, and MTV Games have changed their mind. There’s no word yet on when the Wii DLC will go into effect, if it will be the same price, whether or not the songs will be more compressed to fit with the Wii’s usual memory devices, etc. But really, you know you’re going to get downloadable songs so just be happy for that, okay?

Unfortunately, those still stuck with the PS2 version won’t have any online connectivity whatsoever. So this time, you’re left in the dust alone my last-gen friends.


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