Saving Private Ryan, Team Fortress 2 style

He's my Tom HanksI always hate having to leave my IM and MSN names logged on when I’m working on a paper because people feel the need to send anything gaming related to me, even if I’m set to busy or away. Most of the time, they’ll get a polite "Thanks!" followed by me not looking at it until I have free time. When someone says "Watch this video, it’s Private Ryan but with TF2 sounds," though, all previous obligations are pushed aside to watch.

You may remember when Battlefield got the same treatment with Saving Private Ryan; that’s no surprise, given the obvious influences the movie has had on WW2-based shooters. This, though, I didn’t think of. Even when I got told what it was my mind went, "It’ll be okay, but it won’t be that good." I was wrong. It’s that good. Click the full story and bask in its glory.

(Also, apologies to anyone who may find my laughing at the pyro antics near the end offensive.)

[flash width="425" height="355"]http:/[/flash]

(Here’s a link if you’re one of the few people who can’t see embedded videos. We’re working on it.) 


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