SingStar Review

I have a confession to make: I love SingStar. I hate singing, but I like making a fool of myself and creating awkward social moments; nothing has quite yet topped my roommate and I singing a duet with “My Boo” while our girlfriends watched on. (I was Nelly, if anyone cared.) Karaoke Revolution is a nice series, don’t get me wrong, but SingStar is the only true game which captures that karaoke spirit.

Naturally, SingStar on the PS3 was one of the games I was waiting for. When it got pushed back, I was a little disappointed, because it would be coming out after graduation. I moved back nearer Portland, and my friends all went their separate ways. Thankfully, with the new SingStar that’s not an issue.

If you’ve never played SingStar before, I’ll give you a quick how-to.

1. Put Blu-Ray disc in PS3
2. Put mic(s) into converter, plug into USB port
3. Start game, sing

That’s really all there is to it. It’s a game entirely based around singing, and nothing more. Words scroll across with the corresponding notes as the music video plays in the background; let the tomfoolery begin.

For only $39 or $59 (depending if you need SingStar mics; PS2 ones work just fine) you can’t beat it. You get 30 songs out of the box, ranging from 80s hits to rap. There’s something for everyone, but what everyone likes may be limited in quantity. That’s where one of the two major additions to SingStar comes in.

Coined the groaningly clich√© “SingStore,” you’re able to go online in the game, and purchase songs from a large variety of music for $1.49 apiece, which is lower than what you’ll be paying for Rock Band and Guitar Hero tracks. Right now there are about 200 English songs in there, with the promise of 25+ more each month. (Until when? Who knows?!) The songs come with the videos as well, so they aren’t just quick pre-party downloads like new Rock Band tracks. If your friends want to sing a song from the SingStore, they better damn well tell you in advance.

The other large addition to the game is the online community. Using the PlayStation Eye, you can record (accidental or not) your escapades, uploading them for all the world to see. Some on there right now are a hoot (once again, accidental or not). This lets you share your Best of and Worst of performances with friends, regardless of physical distance. It’s not quite the same as being witness to a live performance, but a recording of the concert ain’t too shabby.

Like most music games, SingStar PS3 offers little new in terms of gameplay elements. You still sing, and you still have the same basic interface. However, the addition of the SingStore and community sharing make this one of the better sequel updates in music gamingdom.

Is it the best SingStar yet? Easily. All I can wonder now is, what will we see next time?


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