Someone finally slaps Peter Molyneux in the face

lucas and peter

Peter Molyneux has been over-promising and making grandiose claims about his unreleased games ever since the first journalist was willing to take notes on the things he was saying.

We have given him a pass all of these years for one reason. His games may not have been the earth shattering, decade defining interactive experiences we were initially promised, but they have all consistently been great games.

Someone has finally given in though, and who else, but his son Lucas. After promises of life altering trips to the playground, and childhood defining experiences at Euro-Disney, Lucas Molyneux had finally had enough, and slapped his father in the face.

And that ends the entirely made up part of this article.


The slap in question, contained on the video above, is more of a playful push. Young Lucas Molyneux is making the same demand that we have been making for far to long, and he is smartly using his father as a soapbox.

Where is Half-Life 3?

If the son of a well respected gaming icon can’t get the ball rolling over at Valve, then we are out of options. Expect a similar announcement from one of Gabe Newell’s sons any day now demanding that Molyneux start production on Black & White 3.


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