Sony's 3D TV tells kids to back up

3d tv sony kids

With all the buzz surrounding the advancement of 3D technologies, especially into the commercial and home space, parents may be wondering how this will affect their children.  Aside from drawing them in to watch hours upon hours of Avatar, Up, and possibly new 3D games, the Sony 3D TV’s will also be pushing kids back.  According to the WSJ, the TV has a sensor on it below the Sony logo that can sense whether or not a child is sitting within a meter of the TV, and if they are, then the screen goes black and displays a message warning the child to back up from the screen.  Parenting made easy, right?

And apparently this technology can also tell the difference between a child and an adult.  It is called Intelligent Presence Sensor, and it can also tell if you are ignoring the TV or even not looking at the TV.  The screens are set to dim and even turn off completely if the sensors pick up that nobody is paying attention to the TV, and the speakers are set to funnel audio in the direction that the TV senses the viewer is sitting.

So what does this mean for gaming?  Probably not too much, since the unit is expected to sell for around $4,000 internationally, and maybe only slightly less in the U.S., meaning most gamers won’t have the dough for a TV that watches you back.  For those who do, however, you can bet they won’t be sitting too close… at least not for long.



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